by Wyndwood

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released August 14, 2014

All music and lyrics written and performed by Bill Magerr
Production, mixing, and mastering by Evan R. Campbell
Photography by Haley Richter

Recorded in Evan's bedroom



all rights reserved


Wyndwood Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Happy sounding sad songs

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Track Name: Stubborn Ass
Can’t say that I expected
To still be learning lessons
About my own condition
While no one seems to listen
You say that it’s important
I’m not so sure about it
You say you better do this
I’m not so sure about it

I may need these addictions
To settle in my own skin
I’ll find a way somehow
Can’t wait for a time where I’m allowed
Are you scared of what’s coming
After everything you’ve seen
Cause I’m fucking terrified
Of the rest of my life

But if you think that I needed you
I don’t think I do, I don’t think I do
It’s too late for me to move
And I don’t have to

These hands they haven’t done much
Just busy getting chewed up
I’ll just destroy myself
No I don’t need your help
No you could never stop me
Cause I’ll be the first to leave
Forcing you to hear yourself breathe

And if you think that I needed you
I don’t think I do
You say that its time to move
No I say you move

You watch the sound of your tone
Figure it out on your own
Cause this is where I live
A constant state of undicipline

This is me here,
Who you kidding
Its almost fitting
That I would be here
Afraid of everything
You went deeper here
You say that it's time to move
No I say you move
Track Name: Pretty Gossip
How long can you keep this up
Don’t be on airs about these things
Cause its starting to affect us
And we agree it’s not a good way to be
Its more you than anybody else
Even though they can be so stressful
I would suggest that you need some help
But I’ll take you shutting the fuck up

Get rid of it
Can't change it

Might sound a little uncouth
But I think I hate you
Doesn’t matter what you do
I don’t think I can respect you

Did you get what you expected
My guess is that you’re daddy’s little princess
What made you make children
Cause something tells me that you don’t want them
I can feel it in your home
Impaled with fear, a false return
I don’t care where you’re from
You sure got what you deserved

Just rid of it
Can’t change it

Might sound a little uncouth
But I'm pretty sure I hate you
Doesn’t matter what you do
I could never respect you

I can see your condescending stare
I question what you could have left
Cause I don’t sense any love in there
Just a selfish spirit stealing my breath
What you think’s not important
Can you force more shit down them bellies full
I say that you wait for death
As quietly as possible
Track Name: Pits
I’m falling back in
Quietly breathing stop fighting it
Don’t tell me it’ll be ok
What do you know anyway

Its selfish and stupid, but I don’t care
You’re tired of hearing that its not fair
Tell me that its just not true
You’d think different if this was you

Every day gets longer still
Harboring more ill will
Don’t think I’ll make it out this time
cause theres no more life left to find

It's for me only, theres no other way
I have trouble believing you want me to stay
I just can’t deceive myself
I’ll never be well

I just get so caught up
With everything
Like it was made to rob us
Of dignity
I can’t do another
Day of this
Getting cut up and smothered
By all these tricks
I let them consume me
Push through my vains
Makes them unclean
And full of shame
I don’t want to do this anymore
Just leave me alone now
Shut the door
Track Name: Sick
So I got this sick in me
But I think I need it to breathe
Like you’ll ever, ever know
These parts they aren’t for show

Don’t think to pity me
I wanted it this way
You’re all too trusting
And you’ve nothing left to say

Tried to give it away
But it wasn’t the right way
Tempering this hunger
Kills me a little every day

I’ll make sure not to be
Where you wanted me
Sure it gets lonely
But my hearts not yours to feed

I’m falling apart
Nothing you can do
Should I feel grateful
For getting to talk you
I think I need to go
Not letting you see
All the shit
That’s made the whole of me
Track Name: Manayunk
Look I know it's not cool
But it feels alright here
A good space to live
To get my head unclear
Where I can see things growing
And do nothing about it
This mess is a place
That realigns my spirit

I guess this is home now
And it's not so bad
Just stay off main street
Stick to the towpath

These people don’t see
The beauty around them
I used to get angry
But now I just pity them
I wonder what they do
In the time that they spend
It's those little moments
You can never have again

I guess this is home now
And it feels good to me
But I know someday
I’ll have to leave

It feels so strange
I’d like to think that I’ve changed
I never saw it coming
But I might just be ok