Be Well

by Wyndwood

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Jacob Levesque Track makes me remember so much.
Well sung too. Favorite track: These Things Ruined My Adulthood.
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released February 23, 2015

All songs written and performed by Bill Magerr

Recorded in Evan's bedroom



all rights reserved


Wyndwood Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Happy sounding sad songs

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Track Name: The Contrarian
Please tell me what to do cause its what you do
I run the other way just to anger you
It doesn’t take long to find that I’m a mess
But I won’t carve myself just to pass your test

Hey Paul, I realized that we’re a lot alike
Never show all your cards and wait for the wrong time to strike
Sabotage everything just because you could
There’ll be no mistake about where I stood

No need for hostility it's everyone’s fault in the end
I’ll sit among the haze while you go there to get bent
And soon broken by all the figures in your stability
It took too long to struggle through the fact that this whole things for me
Track Name: Save It
You’re not fooling anybody
With your versed chattering
This is wrong and you should know it by now
Their voices are far, far too loud

Come on, where is your spine
No ones gonna tell you its time
They won’t stop coming at you
Shouting out, "You’ve got something to prove"

Is this what you really want
Or is it that you can’t
You only get this thing once
But don’t expect to change your plans

Don’t blame me for burning this bridge
The match is already lit
Its in your curved fingers
I won’t blame you for making this turn
Hurt for hurt, it's all we do
Fear the worst, it's all learned backwards
Just know I can’t go with you
Just chase the wind cause I just won’t move

What you think wasn’t happening
Is something you force to not see
But its clear to everyone that
Fantastic tales you have spun
You’re a motherfucking liar
But you can’t set me on fire
You focus on what you can’t
And I'll just do what I want
Track Name: Advice for the Future
Just take it all from me
I’ve seen enough of what some would call a sheltered life
It's all for a reason
Scratching through tunnels to be part of someone else’s light
It all was an error
I won’t make again, I just don’t have the time now
To collect all the noises
Flying out of your head

Have you learned nothing else?
The world isn’t here for you
And yet you still go

I’ll just try something else
Slander you right here
And you won't even know

Internalize it
Every little thing that wasn’t what you thought it was
Regurgitate it
Back onto the screen to have your validations sung
And I’m not above it
Trying to move through it, getting distracted
By all of the victims, projections, excuses

You still learned nothing else
Nothing is here for you
You can’t wait to go

Got to find something else
Leave you right here
You don’t want to know

All the vices
Of Civilization
Are killing us all

Best keep your illusions
And your diversions
Tumbling in the fall

I Romanticize it
Every single time
It's all I can do

I think I just lost it
Don’t read between these lines
Because they aren’t for you
Track Name: These Things Ruined My Adulthood
Put the stains into my skin just because I wanted it
I’m sick of waiting for the trip to not be reminded
That I’m an adult and I’m a fool, I don’t need these stupid things
I still remember sudden laughing breaking my dreams

It wasn’t funny

My youth is leaking, leaking from me with every intake
The pretty people on the TV tell me its too late
But in a quiet desperation, I’ll work everything out
Just go and do it if you’re for it, you can’t have any doubts

Walt Disney, what did you do to me
Sheltered me, showed me everything
Made me believe it’s the way it should be
But its treachery, coming from a screen

You don’t get it and you don’t see it I guess its ok
But don’t you dare try to tell me it's better your way
Innocence doesn’t apply here, but ignorance does
Even after experiences same as it ever was

Miyazaki, what you put on me
Forced me to see the life in everything
Just let me breath in your rusty cities
Just let me drink a little from the streams

I’ll tell you what we’ve become now
Sniveling selfish silhouettes sending sound
Sensing safety scoring snapshots
It doesn’t add up to a whole lot
We’ve buried our heads as far as they can go
If its important we don’t want to know
Me I’ll resign to be in a factory
You’ll BFG. and I’ll be Charlie
Track Name: Awkward Moments
Never wanted to impress
Just wanted to connect
Just trying to be direct
With the words that I have left
Stepped anxiously through this life
With no one to share it with
Would you quit wasting my time
You’ve taken all I can give

I give more than I ought to
Ready for another hand
But I ain’t giving shit to you
Burning this line in the sand
My sense of contentment morphed
Into a hopeless errand
It always goes back and forth
Between the lies and the debt

I know I ought to not believe
That the best of me has left behind me
But then what of what is left
Visions that I cannot simply accept

Trying to show whats in here
Its not much but its whats mine
Why are you all acting weird
Weren’t we having a good time
But I didn’t make your list
Of what you saw on the screen
It's ok, I can’t resist
Temptations unrealistic
Information unloaded
Into the holes in my brain
What was it that you said
Its just all sounding the same
Why is it I’m so afraid
Of what happens in your head
Is it cause it matches my
Self-flagellating judgment

Don’t think I’ll make it on my own
As much as it would be nice, I'm not made of stone
You should be gentler with me
Is it all really just harmless teasing
Dealing with me is hard enough
Want to change into something but I don’t know what
I guess I’ll just go off the cuff
Its only me preventing me from getting what I want
Track Name: Beacon
Don’t ask how I got here
Cause I don’t even know
I see what I want
Just not sure which way to go
Its hard to enjoy
All the imperfections
Leaning more efforts towards
Doing the best I can

To separate myself from you
To me its not that much to lose
Feel free to take it personal
It's just something I need to do

I’ll just hang here for awhile
Go when I please
Cause I need to be selfish
In order to remain free
I know I’m not alone
Theres billions of us
Unsure of where to place
All of our love and trust

Believe me I’ve been hurt before
Not sure I’ll do it anymore
Sometimes wish I could stay like this
Without the heady consequences

And I’ll grow down
Down deep into the ground
And you'll hear nothing
Except these pretty sounds

Cause I wasn’t made
To follow into the dark
I’ll make this light shine
Showing all the scars

Hear these words
Assume its weak
But I can assure you that
I’m stronger than you think
You don’t even know me
Even after all this time
You’ve known what I showed you
Where everything was just fine

It wasn’t and never will be
Cause all of us are incomplete
But I’m still trying to find the pieces
Of what could make a better me