Be Yourself

by Wyndwood

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Written and recorded by Bill Magerr at All Night Diner
Mixed and mastered by Evan Campbell

Photography by Abi Reimold

Big thank you to my family for putting up with me

Special Thanks to Will Kennedy, Joey Degrado, Curtis Cooper, Jack Zafares, Hunter Alexander, Doriana Thornton, and Charli Pfaff


released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Wyndwood Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Happy sounding sad songs

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Track Name: Happy
This is what you wanted
All this what you wanted now
Can’t tell what to do now
Can’t tell you what to do now

You will just scream louder
And all of us will hear it
We’ll forget it tomorrow
Forget tomorrow again

I hope you’re happy

Do you need to push it
Do you need to push me down
Now you got to hold it
Just don’t share it with those around

You don’t know its good for you
You don’t know what's good for you
This is how we grew up
Running out of shit to do
Track Name: Excusing You
Oh look its one of your kind again
Our combined sighs freezes your hand
Preventing anecdotes abound
Of ennui and stolen sounds
Useless pain, nothing to me
You aren’t sorry for simply existing?
You’re proven wrong
We never even liked this song

Disgusting thing avert your gaze
My body is my own to tame
I know what crawls inside your dreams
I said don’t fucking look at me
I bet you use the term ‘deserve’
What a silly, stupid word
For you especially
Don’t think of getting off
On me

Go into the dark and stay there
Go back where you came from

We are more than yours
We measured it
Pain is worth more
We measured it
Your empathies never seen
We measured it
You can’t keep yourself clean

We measured your output
And its not sufficient
faces locked for what isn’t
Why bother you’ll never get it
Track Name: Like a Bomb Hit It
Pretended to be this all the time
See the way I live, crossed a few lines
Are you embarrassed?
To me, its just fine

You want more from me, you’ll have to wait until
The colors drained from skin no sweat to paint with now
I haven’t put much value in what I gathered
They speak to no one nothing that I want

The rising sinking, won’t handle it
Don’t make me do more normal people shit
What do you you want

Growing up too late means that I just can’t wait
For players to line up to keep my promises
Effigies of my past existences surround me
Time and time again it just doesn’t really matter

So for now, I’ll make this
Easier on me
You’ll always, think that
Its easier for me
Practically, relatively
Between you and me, apart from you and me
We just take what we can
Easier for me
Keep me beneath what you
Expect from me
What you plan to possess
All of me?
Track Name: In Title
Oh god, it's happening again
I thought it was coming to an end
Sliding right through my hands
Falling, maybe you’ll never land

Can you recall?
Navels so soft

Concave is what I did seek
One day, I’ll find a way to speak
This was nothing special
My love, leave this old fool

Can you recall?
Egos so soft
Can you be here?
Don’t make this weird
Track Name: Sick pt 2
Let try again in time
Will lock you in two
Fingers go where they won’t

They made me inside
Solidify your truth
Sickens living things but

I don’t make love

Algebra of communing
With me

Cycles end fruitlessly
And I’m still here, plaining

and I can't make love

I’ve always been afraid
Is that okay?
I’ve always been afraid
Probably not okay
I’ve always been afraid
Maybe it’ll be okay
I’ve always been afraid
It’s gonna be okay
Track Name: Private Law
Speaking silences have you imagined all the
Meeting fire spits from your lips it can lead to
Nausea from both linings burn the acid through the
Space shielded from violence always point my pupils down

No we act differently, no we know we act different
Issues always shifting hold another one to
Assuage your temptation are you ready for it
We have the same relation on this ground we force upon

It’s a reflex
It’s a complex

We can’t see unreasoning its property of
Venue vultures feeding on this paragraph of
Peeking privacy you didn’t get to keep it
Just come and hide with me I’m still way too scared to move

It's a reflex
It's complex
and it reflects
its complex
Track Name: Normative
You know all of the facts don’t you
Shove it out front of us to sooth
Your exasperating thoughts gone
From this human race you lost

You’re forever victimized
Not hard to explain away signs
Inside your edumacation
Habits ravenous to be fed

You talk to much and you know why
Preened your wings before you could fly

It's not a point of view for you
Some fancy coat tails to hold on to
So wish it was all that simple
Walk the same 200 steps all
The same genetic programming
Manifests in your whole family
Can’t realize your own perspective
Can’t even find a way out of it

You talk to much and you know why
Preened your wings before you could fly
Mirror clear that we were tricked
At least one of us isn’t shamed to

You want to bathe in mothers milk I hope you drown
You choose to feed on social cues I wish you choked
You put your subjects into place they despise you
I’ve seen the shadows on your face you’re left alone
I found a path its dressed in thorns I’ll bleed again
I’ve seen the grass greener but poisons within
I lied to everyone so I could leave it shut
You already punctured me I just covered up
Your features melted in the mesh of your cocoon
How could you heal when you’ve made yourself a wound?
Track Name: Housemouse
They caught you in a spot
You weren’t supposed to be
You couldn’t stop
Reminds me of something
That I constructed only for myself

I didn’t hear you break
The small infectious pain
And all your screams
They translate to an unending defeated sigh

Didn’t even mean to pass the harm
Didn’t even mean to put you there
Didn’t mean to push you down that far

Life was all you wanted
Grab what you can tear off
From the next one
I think I have heard
This fable’s ending many times before

I left you in your state
Clouding the fact that
It wasn’t too late
Wouldn’t be the first one
Your suffering I’ve chosen to ignore

Didn’t even mean to cause you harm
Didn’t even mean to leave you there
Didn’t even have to go that far
Hit me so that I could just not stare

Can you sense me
Can you sense me I’m leaving now
I can’t do this

These lives are chosen
These lives are taken I don’t know how
To justify it

We all have burdens
We all have burdens they feel the same
But they look different

I haven’t noticed
I haven’t noticed until now
Never understand it
Track Name: Nothing in This World is Holier Than Friendship
I don’t want to lose you
I lose everyone
Let’s throw up our hands now
And make some fun

Why seriously
The pain I can take it in
Don’t mind the twitching
I can bear it with a grin

Seems disconcerting
But we’re used to it
Want you to be happy
What you wanna get

Just tryna make it
Uneventually (Uneventfully)
Until then just keep me
Please don’t ever leave

Just take it off you
And put it on me
Just take it from you
And put it on me
Just tear it from you
And place it on me
Just tear it from you
And shove it into me
Just take it from you
And put it on me
Just take it off you
And put it on me
Just tear it from you
Place it on me
Just take it off you and shove it into me